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Brooks What will Nitro bring to your run?

What will Nitro bring to your run?

Everything. And more. Brooks’ innovative nitrogen-infusion process amplifies your run for bigger benefits with zero compromises.

DNA Loft v3 and DNA FLASH on Nitro

Brooks’ biggest innovation yet, nitrogen-infusion, unlocks a world of benefits by allowing them to tune cell structures and density in the DNA LOFT v3 and DNA FLASH midsoles to amplify your underfoot experience.

To create this new technology, Brooks have infused nitrogen into the midsole of three key runner favorites - Glycerin 20, Hyperion Tempo and Caldera 6 to amplify the experience for each type of run.

The NEW Glycerin 20 video
Softer Strides

The NEW Glycerin 20

Meet the new Glycerin 20 with nitrogen-infused DNA LOFT v3 underfoot to unlock ultimate softness, so you experience soft strides like never before. Experience soft strides like never before unlocked by our innovative nitrogen-infusion process in the Glycerin 20, delivering ultimate softness under your feet.

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The Hyperion Tempo video
Enhanced Speed

The Hyperion Tempo

Feel your speed amplified with every step through Brooks’ innovative nitrogen-infusion process in the Hyperion Tempo. Meet the Hyperion Tempo with nitrogen-infused DNA FLASH underfoot to unlock enhanced speed, so you feel faster with every step.

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The Caldera 6 video
Miles of Trails

The Caldera 6

You want a trail shoe that can handle miles of trails? Then take on the Brooks’ Caldera 6. It’s got Brooks’ new nitrogen-infused DNA LOFT v3 midsole for maximum softness on any terrain. Try on a pair and discover how it feels to go farther.

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