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HIIT Workout at Home with PT Roz Purcell (Session 4)

HIIT Workout at Home with PT Roz Purcell (Session 4)

HIIT Workout at Home with PT Roz Purcell (Session 4)

Written By: Roz Purcell

Racing into the fourth week of our exclusive #NoFunStandingStill AT HOME sessions, PT Roz Purcell is back to guide you through her gruelling HIIT workout for runners.

Get ready to hit the ground running… this ultra-high intensity workout is designed specifically to help runners maintain their fitness levels at home. With brutal intervals of all-out effort, this session gets your heart racing while focusing on building strength, power and endurance for better overall performance and technique.

If you missed them, you can still catch up on the first three sessions: Session 1, Session 2 and Session 3.

Time: 15 minutes


  • A high intensity workout that gets the heart rate up to help you maintain base fitness
  • Focuses on building strength in key areas for stronger, faster running
  • Running specific movements to help improve form and technique
  • Suitable for all abilities

Home HIIT Workout for Runners

Warm up: 5 minutes

  1. Cat Cow Stretches x 12 – Stretches, lengthens and gently wakes up the spine.
  2. Glute Bridge Single Leg Raises x 10 – Activates glutes and helps prep the muscles around them while engaging core.
  3. Air Squats x 8 – Boosts blood flow to and activates the muscles in lower legs.
  4. Ankle Roll Outs x 8 – Activates and warms up the muscles helping to prevent injury.
  5. Calf Raises x 12 – Activates, stretches and warms up the calf muscles, helping to reduce tightness.
  6. Skips and Jacks x 30 seconds each – Warms up lower legs and raises heart rate.

Main workout: 15 minutes

  • 4 key movements
  • 35 seconds on
  • 10 seconds off to transition to next movement
  • 5 x rounds with no breaks
  1. Half Burpee with 180 Degree Turn: – Full body conditioning, particularly the abdominals, quads, hamstrings and glutes. Helps strengthen lower back and build explosive power.
  2. Plank Touches: – Targets core, and helps strengthen shoulders and chest for better form and more powerful running.
  3. High Knee Drives with Elbow Touch: – Works the calves, thighs, glutes and core, helps boost running form, knee drive and power.
  4. Russian Twist: – Targets core and stabilising muscles for runners. You can add resistance by using a weight.

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