Q&A With Team GB Trail Runner Holly Page

Q&A With Team GB Trail Runner Holly Page

Q&A With Team GB Trail Runner Holly Page

Written By: SportsShoes

Team GB sky runner and travel junkie, Holly Page joins us for our latest #NoFunStandingStill session to motivate and inspire with us with her trail adventures and top tips for off-road enthusiasts.

Born in Yorkshire and into a family of fell runners, Adidas Terrex athlete Holly has trail running and a spirit of adventure in her DNA. Having progressed to become a major player on the world circuit, Holly has notched up some serious wins, competing in the world’s most iconic and beautiful mountain races and has even earned a Team GB vest to boot.

Here she catches up with us to share her journey to becoming a Team GB athlete and professional runner and to talk all things trail, from the Bob Graham Round and black toe nails to being fearless and viewing running as a privilege.

Top Tips for Off-Road Running

Staying Safe on Long Runs

If you’re heading off into the hills and remote areas – be prepared. Holly advises making sure you have enough food, drink and warm clothes to be ready for dramatic changes in weather conditions. Make sure to check the forecast, particularly wind force and direction, factoring in possibilities such as running home energy depleted into a strong headwind.

Before setting out, make sure you have your phone, compass (making sure you know how to use it) and always let someone know where you’re going.

Dealing with Fear

Whether it’s taking on taking on your first fell race or planning your first expedition, it’s important not to let fear stop you from doing things. Holly reminds us that fear of the unknown is normal and it’s important to keep pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. The fear you feel will start to dissipate once you’re on your way.

Preventing Injuries

Holly recommends trying to do other activities alongside running such as cycling to help reduce stress and impact on the body. If you do become injured, patience is key. Ask yourself…is it more important to run for the next month or for years to come? And rest accordingly. When you return to racing, don’t be afraid to enter a race less fit than you would like to be. it’s better to be running slower than having overdone it in in injury rehab. Use lockdown and cancelled races to iron out any ongoing niggles so you’re in top condition and ready to go when racing recommences.

Cooling Down

The reality is that many runners often don’t stretch after running. While Holly advocates stretching after running if you can, as a minimum try to at least run your last couple of kilometres or last ten minutes at an easier pace, enjoy your surroundings and allow your body to effectively warm down and loosen up at the end of your session.

Make the Most of What We’ve Got

The running community has seen much disappointment in 2020 with cancelled races and group running out of the picture. Holly reminds us that nonetheless running is a privilege. Take this time to enjoy the sunshine, deal with any injury niggles and come back stronger later in the year. Be thankful that we can still get out there and run.

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